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Multy Mig Fighter {flood, game, kick, mix}


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Multy Mig Fighter (cracked & unbanned) by rangbaaz-Multy Mig Fighter by sun_-light ili-naim-ili9889411_2012_06_19_111928.jpg
[click on the image to enlarge]

Multy Mig Fighter
-=sun_-light =-

Main Features:
* 10 Set Multy With 100 Id Per Set Login At A Time
* 20 Set Save Id
* Pass Changer Multy
* Account Check Multy
* Flood With 6 X 2 = 12 Changeing Emot
* Flood With Number
* Manuel Flood
* List Kick
* Auto Enter
* Auto List
* Hide Multy
* Manuel Kick By Id Type
* Auto Save All Function

Info:- For Load Multy Id. 1st Go To Install Drive. Goto Data Floder. Then Goto Multy Set Floder. Then Edit Troop.txt File. Troop1 = Load1 & Troop2 = Load2.

** Boomer: **
* 16 Id Per Set 2 Set
* 2 Set Save 1 Set Login
* Boom Have Gc Window, Pvt Text, Mail, And Add Contact,
* 1st Add All Multy Id In Ur Inviter Id Then Login Multy Id And Set Target Id And Click Boom Target
* Auto Save Function

** Roll: **
* Unlimited Id Login With Same Pass
* Bullet Roll Flood
* Ip Resolver

** One Bot: **
* Nothing Spacialsame As Previous

** Troubleing By Knock Out Game: **
* 5 Id Login And Save With Load
* Check Account
* Login Spy For Game On Off
* Manuel Login
* Unlimited Flood In Privet Room

How To Use: U Need 5 Game Ids With Playing Game Credit Login Multy Ids Entar Spy Id From Soft Stop Room Bot And Invite Knock Out Bot Quick Click Start Game And Than Join Game Wait For Start Game Then Click Send Auto Remember No Need To Multy Ids Entering Room Ids Working Without Entering Room And One Of Multy Ids Will Win The Game When You Click Logout Loss 02 Usd Bt Have Lot Of Fun And Creat A Big Trouble In The Target Room

** Group Chat Flooder:*
* Login Socket
* U Can Flood By Number Or Changeing Emot
* 1st Gc Key
* Inviter Id
* Status Monitor
* Ip Resolver
* Auto Save All Function

** Brutal: **
* Save 4 Set
* Login 500 Socket
* 10 Target With Bullet Speed Kick
* Auto List
* Auto Enter
* Spy Login
* Protect List
* Auto Save Function

** Info:- 1st Save The Target Then Enter Target Room And Click The Kick Button Wait And After Kick All Stop And Leave Room

** Unlimited Pass Changer: **
* Load Unlimited Id
* Add Manuel Id
* Change All Pass
* 1st Edit The Instaling Drive\mmf By Naim\data\troops\changer Idtxt

** Wall Poster: **
* You Can Post Wall By Unlimited Multy Id

** Mute & Unmute: **
* You Can Mute And Unmute At A Time Room User
* Just Block User By 1 Click & Unblock By 1 Click

** Winamp Updater: **
* Auto Save Function
* Presence
* Set Ur Mind Text
* System Tray

** Chat: **
* Room Caht Auto List
* List Kick
* Account Check
* Presence
* Auto Save Function

** Low Card Game Update: **
* Play With 2 Id
* Fastest Auto Draw
* Draw Manuel
* Auto Join
* Auto Start Game
* Draw By Time
* Auto Room List
* Player Count
* Account Check
* Room Chat
Multy Mig Fighter (cracked & unbanned) Multy Mig Fighter (cracked) mig33 mmf-full & free mmf cracked & unbanned multi mig fighter (mmf) cracked & unbanned cracked the activation code thing developer banned the software after he came to know about cracking cracked soft & broke the server banning & brought it mmf by naim multy mig fighter (mmf) by naim update link mmf_by_naim mmf by naim boomer. roll, brutal,lowcard game,troubleing by knock out game,chat,mute unmute multy mig fighter free,unlimited pass changer,wallposter,onebot,group chat mmf portable cracked hacked free version flooder multy_mig_fighter neh app kudu di instal dulu, kalo gag mau instal pake yg portable nya ajah..kalo ente pake yg iinstalan, ganti file ori yg di c:/program files/ blablabla dengan file.exe yg ada di folder portable, trus namain juga seperti file ori nya, yg ori delete ajah. met nyoba nyet etc. (MMF) Multy Mig FIghter Free 00000000000000000000000
Double Click on the Downloaded exe file, Click 'ACCEPT',
you will get the PASSWORD or relative informations.

(internet must be connected)

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    PcMig33 | Wednesday, October 06, 2010
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