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Mig33 PC Messenger


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Mig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakurMig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakurMig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakurMig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakurMig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakurMig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakurMig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakur
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Mig33 PC Messenger
-= robindronath_thakur =-

* Single Id Log
* Menu Based Id Manage
* Systray Icon With Ballon Notification
* Notification For Presence, Text Receive And Other Infos
* Winamp Status And Control
* Login With Various Presence
* Emote Control By Setting, Use Emote Off To Relief From Emote Flood
* Status Viewer, You Can See Change Status Of Your Contact Ids
* Search Contact Ids By Words
Mig33 PC Messenger by robindronath_thakur using mig33 multi chat v1 .by thakur,enjoy it Mig33 PC Messenger v1.0 by robindronath_thakur full free cracked just for mig33 chat hlw frndzzzzz,wishes happy new bangla year to all of my friends and fans,here i introduce my pc chat tool for mig33 i made few tools as before possible by me,this time i used my best knowledge to make a pc chat tool for pc users..... this messenger is based on fixed tab with 10 for room, 15 for pvt and 3 for group chat. i used normal chat method with fixed tab which can managable some good features features: single id log menu based id manage systray icon with ballon notification notification for presence, text |___| PcMig33.com |___|
Double Click on the Downloaded exe file, Click 'ACCEPT',
you will get the PASSWORD or relative informations.

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    Mig33 PC Messenger: Posted by: Staffs
    PcMig33 | Saturday, April 16, 2011
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    Anonymous said...

    hello brothers i've been searching mig33 messengers like n mobile phone for pc...i've searched ealmost everywhere but couldn't find.this site was my last hope.but this too didn't go well.hope for your help.i really need the help.this site is helpful.
    this is aaaaaaaaaaaa1,

    Admin said...

    There are so many messengers for pc. Please check the Chat Client from the categories at the right side. You can also try the top most messengers given at the right top side.

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